Mobile devices can be connected to a local area network (LAN), or they can take advantage of Wi-Fi or wireless technology by connecting via a wireless local area network (WLAN).

The Benefits of Mobile Computing

  • Connectivity: You can stay connected to all sources at all times.
  • Social Engagement: You can interact with a variety of users via the Internet.
  • Personalization: You can tailor your mobile computing to your individual needs.

Mobile computing essentially means using computer technology whilst out of the office. This could be while travelling on business, working from home, or as a measure to reduce the size of the office and cut costs. It also involves how external computing communicates with the main office, via smart phones, laptops, desktops and tablets.

Remote working can be a very effective tool when staff are prevented from getting to work, or for sales teams who are on the move and need to keep in constant touch with the office. Remote working can lower overheads and operating costs, improving productivity and staff retention, and enhancing work-life balance, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of your business.

There are combinations of technologies that can be employed to provide the computer infrastructure which will enable this to be an effective tool for your business.

Tablets and Laptops

Depending on your needs, Dark Scan can provide effective, hardware and software solutions that match your requirements fully.

Home Working

Dark Scan can implement your remote worker solutions. We will put in place the technology to ensure that your remote team works seamlessly and productively, including setup of a secure gateway, mobile email, network convergence, online staff supervision and reporting tools.

Travelling on Business

A system failure while travelling can prove to be a major issue for a user. Dark Scan we offer a range of options, from remote access internet support, to the provision of a couriered laptop replacement service.

Virtual Office

Whether or not we embrace the practice, working in a 'virtual office' is becoming increasingly more common, whether that means individuals working remotely from home on a remote server, an employee travelling for business, or a large global team collaborating in a virtual environment.

The financial advantages for a company, such as saving on office space, or the reduction in the cost of travel, can be very attractive.

We can provide virtual office software tools from Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and others, plus a wide range of hardware such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop workstations.