Network design and configuration is essential to the smooth operation of your business, but many SME businesses have no in-house IT manager.

That's why Dark Scan offers network services for SME businesses located in London, providing expert advice and guidance, as well as on-going IT support, to keep networks fully operational.

Your office network configuration is made up using servers, PC hardware, routers, cabling, switches and wireless access points. If any part becomes broken, or wrongly configured, you could begin experiencing problems such as slow internet connectivity, or worse still, risk compromising the security of your data.

Dark Scan's clients do not need to worry about such technical complications because we proactively monitor all critical hardware to identify small problems which could escalate into more serious ones.

Our friendly engineers also review the performance of all network hardware using a simple red-amber-green traffic light system and feed this back to business owners at regular intervals.


Hackers and fraudsters are increasingly using internet connections as gateways into other people's computers in order to steal data. Attackers achieve access by hiding malicious code "known as malware" in apparently innocent web sites and unsolicited e-mails.

There are millions of separate malware files, ranging from viruses that distribute destructive code, to spyware or phishing programs designed to capture sensitive data and relay it to another source.

Although these programs are constantly changing and evolving, there are two main points they all have in common spread rapidly and are extremely hard to get rid of. What's more, you probably won't know your system is infected until it is too late.

To avoid the time and costs associated with removing malicious code, you need to be vigilant and act ahead of time to ensure your security is adequate.

We can assess your existing security measures and provide the most suitable software and hardware for your circumstances, which we will continually review and update.

Our recommendations are likely to include a powerful firewall, which acts as an invisible door to block unwanted intrusions, and up-to-the-minute anti-virus software to combat potentially harmful programs being unwittingly downloaded onto your machines, via e-mail and the web.

Find out more about how we can protect your network from attack, now and in the future.

The Security as a Service solution stretches along the whole Dark Scan portfolio helping you to achieve your GDPR compliance and complimenting your existing IT architecture.


A LAN (Local Area Network) connects your locally based IT Systems and is confined to a small area, usually the building in which you work.

It allows your computers, printers, servers and phones to communicate and share information. In most cases it will also enable internet connectivity for web-based services like email, and may provide access to a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Your LAN can be made up of cabled (Ethernet) and wireless connections, both enabling high-speed access to shared resources throughout the network. In some cases segments of your LAN may be linked by high speed Fibre.

Dark Scan are experienced in all aspects of networking and network support. We can troubleshoot problems on your existing network, or plan a complete refit or upgrade. We offer consultation services to make sure that when you start connecting your equipment, you have sufficient capacity to connect everything and ensure you get the best from your network.


A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network that spans a large geographical area, typically involving Two or more Local Area Networks (LAN). For example, an organisation may have two sites. Both sites will operate within their own LAN and have systems and data that are valuable resources to operations. By using a WAN you can securely open the availability of data to the respective remote sites and users. A WAN normally runs from one LAN to another, over a protected connection, via the internet or leased line.

WANs are large communication networks that connect locations over a wide geographical area, including cities, states, countries, and continents. Enterprise WANs are often built for one organization and are usually private. Often, they're created using leased lines involving a direct point-to-point connection between two private sites. A leased line is a direct connection between two points set up by a telecommunications carrier channel.

WAN technology has grown and expanded over the years. New technologies, services, and applications developed during that time, dramatically boosting their impact on business. Why are they so useful to businesses? Two Reasons: WANs let businesses use common resources to operate. They also let businesses share internal functions, like sales, R&D, accounting, and marketing throughout authorized locations through the network. Those two things boost productivity and communications.

The latest development in this area is software defined WAN technology (SD-WAN) - a specific application of software defined networking applied to wide area network connections. The virtualized server and storage structure of the modern data center is an example of software defined networking. It makes the network more dynamic, manageable, and adaptable For example, a WAN often connects branch offices to a central corporate network or to connect data centers located great distances away. With SD-WAN, more of the network's controls are moved to the "cloud" using software. That lowers costs, reduces complexity, and increases flexibility. Plus, SD-WANs provide better security.

Dark Scan's client base includes corporate businesses working from sites across the UK with international reach throughout Europe, the US and Asia. We have vast experience installing, cabling, configuring and securing WAN's, and work with high-speed internet providers to ensure your site-to-site experience is second to none.

If you are looking to maximise your data-sharing potential, or your existing WAN is not performing, contact us now.

Advantages of WANS

  • Centralizes IT infrastructure
  • Boosts your
  • Increases bandwidth
  • Eliminates Need for ISDN
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Cuts costs, increase profits

Network Installations

Whether you require a complete new, structured network, or just need to update or add to your existing systems, our Cisco and Microsoft certified engineers have the in-depth expertise to install and program both physical and virtual server support, either locally or in the Cloud network.

We design and organise cabling, with appropriate switches, routers and firewalls, to provide optimum network performance.


All businesses need a reliable, cost-effective phone solution. But choosing the right business telephony services can also guarantee new efficiency gains for your organisation, which is why so many companies these days are asking us about the advantages of an internet phone system.

Dark Scan works exclusively for SME businesses based in London who are looking to move, change or enhance their telephony capabilities. With the VoIP industry evolving so rapidly in recent times, the friendly engineers at Dark Scan have made it their business to keep our customers up to date with all the available options.

We help firms understand and embrace the latest of features of voice over IP telephony, such as linking your phone system up to your Outlook contact list or integrating a call recording solution.

Dark Scan is a partner of Cisco, the world leader in networking for the internet, as well as Avaya who build and manage commination networks for over a million businesses worldwide.

We will plan your installations from start to finish, explaining the various functions a new system can offer your business, before helping you decide whether or not each will prove beneficial to your organisation. But most of all, our aim is to save you money on your call communications.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a means of voice communication over the internet, enabling free telephone between users. Skype is a typical example.

We can provide VOIP network support and services across all computer networks.